Beat Collective

Ben Willis & Phoenix Manson

8:00PM - 9:00PM


Melbourne music producer collective

Ben Willis

Ben Willis is a music producer, sound designer and musician. He has studied with some of Australia’s leading musicians and teachers such as; David Jones, Gordon Pendleton and more recently with Richie Beretta and Shareef Islam whilst living in New York City.

Currently Ben is working on a number of music projects, most notably as a drummer in Alpha Kind, as a live modular synthesist with his own solo performances, working closely with the Beat Collective crew, as well as working on commercial sound design projects and composing music for short films. In addition to this he is a founding member of the Resonant group and active member of VICMOD ENSemble.

Phoenix Manson

Phoenix Manson is a young beat maker from the bayside suburbs of Melbourne. Fusing hip hop drums with jazz chords and sax solos, he delivers a fresh take on an old school sound. Starting out by making music in his bedroom 3 years ago (at age 15) he explored genres like funk, soul, old-school hip hop and R&B. This eventually led him to find Melbourne’s underground Hip Hop scene. After launching his music career at Melbourne Music Week, 2016 he has gone on to perform at various venues and beat nights in and around the city including Beat Lab, Electric Relaxation, Beat Collective Sessions and Mind Vibes. Live performance is now the centrepiece of Phoenix Manson’s career, arranging his tracks live while playing sax solos in between. Currently studying Advanced Music Production at Abbey Road Institute, Phoenix Manson is working on his first EP that is due to release in a few months time.


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