Arro & Maize & Togar

7:00PM - 8:00PM


Fortnightly show featuring Bones.Rd Records residents and associating artists


Arro is a Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist and producer/dj who these days enjoys exploring the lighter side of ambient house/techno. Originally from Bells Beach, Arro has always created music in an isolated and introspective environment which has allowed him to explore a large palette of genres and styles. Inspired heavily by the mixing styles of artists such as Lee “Scratch” Perry and Moodyman, Arro aims to create a unique blend of ambient retro-futurist sounds to ease you through your afternoon.


After the creation of BONES.Rd, Togar and Arrows had a glorious time enjoying their new-found world of musical freedom. But sure enough after some time the two began to feel lonely in this new wonderland.
So the two proposed a journey, one that would change them and BONES.Rd forever. Their goal was to find the next Boner somewhere out in the dark and gloomy world of Geetroit. One day whilst walking through the Uno Danceclub forrest, they noticed in the distance a tall figure calmly swaying his arms. Togar looked into this tall figures hands and saw a collection of Afro, Disco & House records. “What be your name tall man” grunted Arrows. “My name Maize”
And thus, Maize joined BONES.Rd.


This smooth operator has grown up in a haze of disco smoke, constantly spinning out the brains of Geelongions since he begun. With a fresh twist on Nu-Disco and Groove, Togar is one bad ass motherfucker that has earned his place as one of the premier DJs/Producers to come out of Geelong.


Bones Rd – 02.05.17
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Bones Rd – 07.02.17
BONES Rd – 24.01.17
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