9:00PM - 10:00PM


Local DJ and producer waterhouse leaves her bedroom and plays you everything that’s ever made her feel something.


waterhouse is a Melbourne-based producer, performer and DJ of experimental electronic music. With no formal musical training, waterhouse produces soundtracks to her life guided by feeling rather than thought, meditating on string instruments and choral arrangements as innately human sounds. Her music belies a richly idiosyncratic and playfully experimental production practice that evolves beyond established boundaries of electronica, noise and pop. waterhouse has curated a number of commissioned mixes, supported international artists the likes of Oneohtrix Point Never, and regularly performs and DJs locally and overseas.


breathless – 14.09.17
breathless – 17.08.17
breathless – 03.08.17
breathless – 20.07.17
breathless – 06.07.17
breathless – 08.06.17
breathless – 11.05.17
breathless – 27.04.17
breathless – 13.04.17
breathless – 30.03.17
breathless – 16.03.17
breathless – 02.03.17
breathless – 16.02.17
breathless – 19.01.17
breathless – 05.01.17