Club Lux

Slick Owens

8:00PM - 9:00PM


The people behind Club Lux give you something you won’t hear everyday – the underground and the under-celebrated in music and discussion.

Slick Owens

Slick Owens is a producer, DJ and vocalist based in Melbourne. Their DJ sets are often high energy and unpredictable, with a creative approach to selecting and mixing. Having played, sung, and created music since they could speak (and in the last year making a foray into electronic music), Slick Owens’ understanding is apparent.

Through regular night at Club Lux, they explore diversity and representation, as well as the ways in which various mediums interact in the club setting. Club Lux is a way for them to actively address societal issues of representation and acceptance in not only the electronic music industry, but also broader society.


Club Lux – 11.12.17