Foreign Brothers

Danny osx

9:00PM - 10:00PM


A fortnightly dose of vibes. From Jazz to HipHop to Funk to Soul Disco and Local Music.

Danny osx

Pietro (known as Dj Danny osx) was born and raised in the south of Italy. Not long after he moved to Melbourne and finally started to collect records – buying all the necessary equipment to make a start at sharing his knowledge with us downunder. He holds residency at Foreign Brothers’ night ‘Momentum’ and has also become a regular at spots like Section 8, Ferdydurke, Brown Alley and Boney – with performances at STRAWBERRY FIELDS, MMW ’15 and ’16 and Stonnington Jazz Festival 2017.


Foreign Brothers – 18.01.18
Foreign Brothers – 14.12.17
Foreign Brothers – 16.11.17
Foreign Brothers – 02.11.17
Foreign Brothers – 19.10.17
Foreign Brothers – 05.10.17
Foreign Brothers – 21.09.17