Get Deep


10:00PM - 11:00PM


Underground House & Techno.


BLK KVR, previously known by the alias ‘Pozz’, is a highly skilled and intensely driven DJ who resides in Melbourne, Australia. He first made a name for himself as part of the Edivibes Entertainment crew – who have thrown a series of thriving parties throughout Melbourne’s CBD and South-Side suburbs. One such party is the popular ‘GET DEEP’ event held at Chapel Street nightclub ’56 Bricks’. Taking influences from a wide range of sources, primarily from musical artists and friends close to him in his life, he uses his wide ranging knowledge of genres and groove to get the dancefloor moving and shaking to his hand-selected blend of deep & funky underground tech house tunes.

A BLK KVR set is built somewhat like his own personality: Rich, upbeat and heavily pumping with euphoric energy. Calling upon his vast experience from performing at numerous Melbourne nightclubs, he can craft and form a tailor-made that matches perfectly to both the audience and club where he is DJing at any one time. BLK KVR has performed at a range of venues including Railway Hotel Brunswick and the popular My Aeon nightclub. And, when he’s not playing at his regular residencies, he’s hosting parties or volunteering at music festivals.


Get Deep – 03.04.18
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