No Friends Show


8:00PM - 9:00PM


Mutant, Club, Grime, Experimental, Noise, Soundscapes, Rap, Trap, Hip-Hop, Vaporwave.


After growing up with suburban metalhead bogans and rocking and/or rolling to white guys with guitars, the JZA was changed forever when he heard Enter The 36 Chambers, and the sparse, cinematic RZA productions. In broadening his musical horizons the JZA also got into breakbeat rave like the prodigy, fatboy slim and the chemical brothers, setting in motion his trajectory towards DJing and electronic music production years later, when he would name himself after the RZA and the GZA, but with a J instead.


No Friends Show – 12.05.17
No Friends Show – 28.04.17
No Friends Show – 14.04.17
No Friends Show – 31.03.17
No Friends Show – 03.03.17
No Friends Show – 17.02.17
No Friends Show – 03.02.17
No Friends Show – 20.01.17
No Friends Show – 06.01.17