Alter-Mind & Devant & Klaps & SFBM & Sundelin

9:00PM - 10:00PM


Node aims to bring you the finest in house, techno and electronica from all of Melbourne’s most talented DJ’s, artists and live acts.


Aydan Hussein, otherwise known as Alter-Mind, is a talented young newcomer to the Melbourne techno scene. Expanding from his interest in the hardcore and metal genres, Aydan discovered his passion for the raw, in-your-face sound during one memorable event headlined by none other than The Baron of Techno, Dave Clarke.

Inspired by the achievements of established artists such as Len Faki, Rebekah and Clouds, Aydan has independently released a handful of quality tracks rooted in the heavy, dark and industrial end of the techno spectrum. Delving into the realms of field recording and modular synthesis, he possesses a curious mind that consistently strives to innovate, create, and discover – in the studio as well as in his broader life. He currently co-hosts Node, a show on an online broadcast platform known as .

Following a childhood invested in playing the guitar and bass, Aydan’s shift to electronic music production grew from an insatiable desire to express his genuine, unadulterated emotion and thought free from the constraints of a modern-day society. His works are backed by studies in audio production at the Australian College of the Arts, proving that he can navigate his way around the recording studio and that he carries weight not only in the creative, but also the technical.


Born in Melbourne, Devant is a techno and house DJ and producer.
After developing a passion for DJing at a very young age, Devant went on to find his home in the genre of dark industrial and melodic music. Being part of the the infamous Bunker & stranger DJ collectives and bachelor student of audio engineering, his eclectic approach to music creates unique sounding compositions in the monotonous style of dance music through the use of vintage analogue hardware and digital processing.

Most recently Devant has released a track through Melbourne/Glasgow based One4SevenOne Records with sights set on causing a stir in the techno and house community.


A relatively young up and comer at just 20 years of age, Klaps is a DJ and Producer who started his journey with electronic music at age 13. Over the years of his production, he has imbued his works with hypnotic grooves, rhythmic funk, driving basslines and percussive flourishes; releasing some truly great original tracks on labels such as Green Fetish Records, Kitchen Smoke Records as well as a stunning remix of Lateral’s “Piece by Piece” EP for the Machine Label.

Klaps states that his passion for electronic music drives him to explore as many musical and creative boundaries as he can, experimenting with a complex array of different sounds, samples, production techniques and musical styles. No two Klaps tracks sound the same: you can expect to hear anything from hard driving techno, to melodic downtempo grooves, to uplifting soulful house and anywhere in between.

In 2015 Klaps had his debut EP release on Green Fetish Records with his stellar “Dusk EP”, a rhythmically charged exploration into techno and dance and all it represents, which he then followed up with his brilliant remix of Lateral’s “Piece by Piece” track on Machine.
Most recently, he has put out his “Present EP” for the label, Kitchen Smoke Records and has an upcoming EP with Machine Label in the works.


SFBM is a Melbourne-based Techno producer, DJ, author and the founder & creative director of Node. His productions and DJ mixes are full of Harsh soundscapes and Thick, and Luscious Atmospheres, all with Heavy handed, Industrial-influenced, thudding and pounding Kicks resound throughout. As he prefers to opt for the more confronting, choleric and fast-paced styles of electronic music: when SFBM is in the mix, A voracious onslaught of hard hitting, hypnotic, bass heavy and cerebral techno is bound to follow.


Sweden born and Melbourne based DJ, music blogger and producer Sundelin knows how to deliver a dynamic and organic underground sound. During her DJ career she has evolved her style into a dark, groovy tech sound mixed with a good dose of fun and pulsing basslines. Since she arrived in Melbourne she has been playing at iconic venues like Lounge, Brown Alley, Killing Time, My Aeon, The Carlton and The Railway Hotel, and supported artists like KiNK, Spencer Parker, Steve Bug, Stimming, Robert Babicz, MOSCA and Ben Pearce.

One of Sundelin’s big passions is to share the music she loves and she’s also co-running upcoming music blog Whono’s, where she has interviewed local producers as well as international artists like Edu Imbernon, Alex Niggeman and AFFKT. Her focus lies on minimal, tech house and techno artists and events around Melbourne and the world.


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