Techno Salon

Tomb Raver

8:00PM - 9:00PM


squarewaves, sinewaves, blow-waves! highlights & hi-hats! 4×4 balayage! keratin-induced feelings! please… come and enter the techno salon.

Tomb Raver

Tomb Raver is a queer and non-binary Melbourne DJ – originally from Perth. They primarily play techno, but are interested in trying to find ways to incorporate more genres that are typically not designed for the dancefloor into their sets.


Techno Salon – 08.02.18
Techno Salon – 21.12.17
Techno Salon – 07.12.17
Techno Salon – 23.11.17
Techno Salon – 14.09.17
Techno Salon – 31.08.17