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Ok Sure

Down-tempo electronic DJ & producer Ok Sure has been turning heads recently for her otherworldly style. Her first experience with electronic music came at the age of 13 and that segued into a career as Kaysh, which won her the Pioneer Pro DJ search in 2006. Her prowess continued to evolve until she became Ok Sure – a kinetic combination of dark, moody and melodic music designed for dance floors like Rainbow Serpent festival, Rose Quartz, Let Them Eat Cake and Revolver. In 2015 she placed as a finalist in the Your Paradise DJ competition and later catapulted her career for her remix of Ukiyo by Hermitude that won her the Triple J remix competition out of 700 entries.
Ok Sure is on regular rotation on stations like Triple J/Unearthed, Triple R, PBS, Kiss FM and Switch FM and has garnered support from artists like Yolanda Be Cool, The Aston Shuffle, Eric Volta and Hermitude. She’s remixed artists such as Sophie Lowe, Evangeline, Porsches, Habits & Lupa J with many more remixes, collaborations & originals in the works. Ok Sure delivers live performances consisting of down-tempo, dark melodic electronica and DJ sets pulsing with techno, house, electronica and… whatever.


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